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About Us

KMS ENGINEERING Ltd. was founded in 1997 by eng. Zapryan Valkov Mitev. Our main activity is construction, manufacture and integration of automation equipment for different industry branches.

What are the Pros of automation of industrial processes?

  • Increase production quantities.
  • Reduce production expenses by replacing monotonous(repeated) manual operation with automated ones.
  • Increase quality of ready production.
  • Move work resources to other manufacturing operations.

Some of the branches we work in:

  • automation of food industry

  • automation of manufacturing

  • automation of oil industry

  • automation of woodworking industry

  • automation of electrical industry

  • automation of mining and cement industry

  • automation of furniture industry

  • automation of chemical industry

  • automation of pharmaceutic industry

  • automation of printing industry

Our other activities:

- We produce and import Curtain Rods
- We have partnership with different manufacturers of Industrial components.
- We develop Mobile software for phones and tablets running the operation system Android.

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